Release v6.1.0 - 28.Dec.2020

Info about new app versions, what has changed and how to use it.

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Release v6.1.0 - 28.Dec.2020

Post by Goalist »

This is the first release since a very long time, so I don't recall all that's changed (:

I'd say the most important things are:
* There's a new widget type: "Progress Bar", that IMHO is kind of a substitute for the "Target Goals" module. And so "visual". I personally love it and have my whole home screen covered by these widgets.
* Custom sounds work much better now in Androids 8+. Each task and log can have their own custom sounds again.
* Reminders got several new features, particularly per-hour selection of when they should fire off.
* Some translations were added and/or corrected.

And that's the first release in the new Forum. The old one is gone and not coming back.

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Re: Release v6.1.0 - 28.Dec.2020

Post by Adam »

Looks like there may be some problems with using Google Drive on some Android versions now. I'm not sure why, we didn't change anything related to this.

But I'm just publishing version 6.1.1 with some possible fixes. You can also try installing an older version, here are several apks, try 6.0.15 first:

I've also found this article: ... vices.html
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Re: Release v6.1.0 - 28.Dec.2020

Post by Pascal »

Thanks for the new version Adam!

The main difference so far for me is that task alarms of type "system notification sound" are now working, which is great. (I'm on android 8.1).

I have been playing with the new progress bar widget. For now, I see it as a more visual presentation of the goal monitors, but limited to goal monitors of type "tag". I would actually find it interesting if I would be able to select an existing goal monitor in the widget configuration, and thus having displayed this as a widget on my home screen.
Also, I would find it cool if the widget text was displayed in the progress bar, instead of under it. Then I would be able to have more progress bars displayed under each other on my screen.
Just my 2 cents.
Thanks anyway for the release!
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