Read about us! Meet Goalist users and tell us about yourself

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Read about us! Meet Goalist users and tell us about yourself

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Hi and welcome to the forum! We're very happy to have you! :hugall

App development and support is hard work. And it requires a tremendous amount of time and energy. Dealing with real people, not just with code and mobile devices, is a great source of energy for us. It helps us to refill our batteries and boost our morale.

So if you could take a moment to introduce yourself and share your story with us - it would be awesome! Thank you!

No need to share personal details if you don't feel like it - just tell us how you came across Goalist and what's your experience with it.
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Re: Read about us! Meet Goalist users and tell us about yourself

Post by Goalist »

OK, we go first :bdr

We are Ana and Adam. Some time ago we have successfully joined our passions for self development and technology - and Goalist was born. Our mission is to create a time management tool that really works. Because we know from our own experience that good time management is the key to making the dreams come true.

We’re self-development freaks. After listening to hundreds of audiobooks on the subject we’ve managed to quit our 9-5 jobs and created an Android app Golaist for time management and self-monitoring. We’ve got many thanks for it from people developing their businesses, getting out of depression and dealing with ADHD. The app has over 100,000 downloads :cheerleader

We were born in Poland but long ago we have moved to Ireland. Every now and then we grow tired of constant lack of sun and too much rain. So we love to travel to sunny places.
It so happened that our favorite destinations have always been Spanish-speaking countries. We love the language and the people.

We went for a long trip in South America where we learned Spanish and had great adventures (including a massive earthquake in the mountains of Chile)- some of them are described on our first travel blog.

Later we spend a few years in Spain, mainly in a small town Almunecar on the Tropical Coast - for its fantastic weather and views.
Thanks to our drive to learn Spanish really well we have met lots of fantastic people and we even created a website for learning Spanish :cheerleader

In September 2018 we’ve started a new adventure – traveling with our Van around Europe. On this website, we collect the most beautiful photographs from our trip. We also share locations where we stayed and pics of cute kitties that we cat-sat :bdr .

Some of our other passions include:

* With our passion for graphic design, website development and programming in multiple languages we’ve created our own online creative studio Cambiastic where we help entrepreneurs build their brand images and online presence

* mountains and trips into the nature, survival & bushcraft, camping, hiking


* music - playing mainly drums, guitars, flutes and singing. We've always had plenty of various instruments at home. Adam played bass in a band named Corrode. Ana made a video clip for it.

* veganism, healthy diets and hydroponics

* meditation and spiritual practice, Toltec teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz

* sports, particularly swimming and ping-pong


* photography - Anna's Instagram

* creative lettering - Anna's OmniRiot Instagram

* cat-sitng - our PurrFun Hut Instagram

* juggling


And we love meeting new people - so please share your story with us! :-D
It would be awesome to get to know you. Don't share personal details if you don't want to. We share so that you may see real people behind the software. But at least tell us how you came across Goalist and how you use it.
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Re: Read about us! Meet Goalist users and tell us about yourself

Post by AnaBi »

To encourage you even more - here are some of the replies from our previous forum :cheerleader

I'm Giuseppe,

I'm a computer scientist from Paris and I love self-improvement and motivating people, that's why I always keep my day organized ( with Goalist ^^ )and workout with regularity.

I was born in south Italy and I next moved to Paris to live my passion, computer science ( Paris is also an amazing city ^^ )

My other passions:

* Videogames
* I played guitar for 2 years
* Fitness and eating healthy

Thanks for this great app, it's really cool and useful, keep doing great work :)

Hello everyone,

My name is Lew Evans. I am a Baltimore Business owner. I own On Demand Labor Baltimore. I am an avid sailor and am in love with the Chesapeake Bay. I am Married to the most spectacular woman I have ever met. We have an absolutely great life together and are planning to enter our retirement. We're both 56 years old. We both want to be as healthy as possible during that retirement. My wife is vegan, enjoys yoga, spa time, and our home gym. The only exercise I get is when I sail our 37 foot Tartan sailboat. It is a mystery to all who know me, how I remain so healthy.

I am using Goalist in order to help better monitor my daily productivity. I currently use an old fashioned leather planner that I keep with me even when I sleep. I like to write everything down, and my associates know that once something is written in my planner, it is "written in stone". I am always prompt and believe in accuracy. Goalist will allow me to tweak my productivity.

My main concern today is returning to my physical strength and flexibility. I have no health issues and know the extra 15 pounds I carry will be easily lost by Spring. I simply need to create and maintain a tight schedule that can be monitored and improved/adjusted.
Thank you so much for Goalist. I am sure it will help me reach my goals of a healthy, happy retirement.


Hello. My name is Peter.

I took early retirement from a successful IT career in Belgium and abroad, to enjoy tropical paradise life in the Philippines.

With plenty of time at hand, no more external work-related markers (schedule, meetings, targets), and still plenty of interests and things to do, I needed an Android app to help me plan my day.

I was looking for something that would create blocks of time within the day, and that would be flexible enough to reorganize on the fly. Goalist is doing that beautifully, so I quickly adopted it.

It's also nice to see a lively team with lots of original ideas and responsive to user feedback.

I will be trying to share my thoughts on how to improve the program as I am actively using it. I know that there is no perfect and ideal approach, so I will also try to keep realistic.

Thanks again for this beautiful and helpful application and see you back in the forum!


Hello, my name is Genevieve.

I am a stay at home mom to my 14-month-old son as well as a part-time student preparing to enter nursing school in beautiful western Montana, USA.

Between caring for my son, keeping up on the chores, and studying for my classes I have so many tasks and no two days are ever alike. I have been searching for an app that would help me keep on top of things and be flexible enough to adapt to the reality of life with a baby, and I think I finally found it in Goalist.

Hello Ana & Adam,

I just found out this program and if it can help me it will be a miracle indeed.
I always had problems with time-management even though I have tried almost anything.
Right now, I work from home and I have an overwhelming amount of things to do because I don't want to back off from anything that has a 'value' to me just because I don't have enough time for it.
So, the Life Value approach really appealed to me. The way it is set up, the wording really helps with clarification.
Now, I have it set up with respect to the values and thus goals I have for my life.
The problem is figuring out the details and this program seems to promise an interesting journey into matching ideas and practical solutions.
Thank you & see you at the forums ;) :)

Hello Goalist team,

I am Nishan. I hail from God's Own Country -- Kerala -- in India. I prefer an organized and planned life where in I can fulfill the maximum of responsibilities and duties fallen on me.
I have been trying quite a number of todo and tasks apps in Android and recently came across Goalist. I have just downloaded it, but haven't started using it fully. I am just hoping that this is the tool that I have been looking for about 2 years in play store.
Great to know that there is an active forum for help and tips. Keep going.


Hi, my name is Ruth.

I am a wide, autism mom and college student majoring in Special education. I have a sweet bright 7 year old who is my buddy, playmate, and one of the big focuses of my life. I use Goallist to keep me on track and to make sure I am meeting my potential and caring for my family the best I can. This tool keeps me on track and helps me learn and grow. Wonderful tool,


Hi all! I'm Mimi. :)

I discovered Goalist when I decided to find an app to help me start some good habits. I downloaded various (to-do) apps and, to be honest, Goalist seemed a bit too complex and time-consuming, so I opted for a simpler one. But! I kept it installed because I liked the idea so much. Now I feel like I need the complexity of Goalist, as I realized the importance of goal setting and tracking, and also I tend to ignore some tasks since there is no actual schedule for them. :D I am still a bit overwhelmed by the app, but I plan to put in extra effort and time now, in order to save more time in the future, and accomplish my goals in a more effective and faster manner.

Big THANK YOU to Ana and Adam!

All best,
Mimi :)

Hi everyone, I'm Bex.

I'm from the UK and have been using the Goalist app for over a week now - I'm also the one responsible for the review of the app on GizmoDot :p.
I've been looking for an app like this for ages but, nothing quite suited, so I always reverted to my notebook and pen. Having had a shuffle around of furniture, its not practical for my book to be next to me anymore so once again I went looking for an app. Think this was the second or third one I tried and I'm still using it daily :D. Didn't quite understand it at first but, once I did, I left a review on the Play Store, where I got a reply saying thanks, which is what prompted me to write the review on my site, so thanks guys :).
I'm constantly changing the way I use Goalist so that it's more adaptable for my usage, ie I had set a no plan task for 4 hours but, I now insert 4 1 hour no plan slots and when a plan occurs I simply switch it out for the new task.
My plans still go down the pan at times as life is unpredictable but, it's easy to get back on track with Goalist, where as before I ended up writing down a list and then having to rewrite it in a new order, so this makes my planning precise but, also flexible which is great for me.


Hi Ana & Adam!
Everyone seems so productive that I feel a bit intimidated. @-) I'm Sharon in Texas USA. I'm an army brat born in Germany with relatives there. I found this app during a search for a calendar to sync with my Android calendar so I can keep track of appts even when I have to replace a defective phone. I'm a techno-geek & hard on phones. In addition to remembering things, I'm easily distracted, I have been working on creating good habits. Which would be my calm spot in my seemingly frenzied life. Goalist has helped me realize I need to spend more time nurturing relationships with family & friends. Also, I've realized I need to spend more time on play & mental awareness instead of going thru the motions of life essentials. I found I have a lot more time for accomplishing things. I am still trying to simplify the time I plan my schedule as well as creating goals. I found that I've been lacking in goals in the last few years and spinning my wheels. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by all the thought that goes into allocating a full day though. 8-}


My name is Rashid.

Live in Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Almaty.
Profession - a teacher at a university.
* playing music - piano
* nutrition - vegan
* practices - meditation and yoga, teachings of Lao Tzi, Karlos Castaneda, and such :)
* sports - wu-shu, hiking and traveling
* hobbies - photography

Thank you for your app!
I believe it will change the lives and habits of many people.
The world around us is the way we shape it ourselves.


Dear Ana and Adam,

This is Pascal from Belgium. I have been using Goalist for about a month now, and I love it :)
Congratulations! This app is really well-designed, and it is very unique in its concept. I have been using different apps to reach goals, boost productivity and change habits, but none of them was so effective and complete as Goalist.
Although I have only been using level 0 modules so far, it already is a very complete and smart solution.


Hey Ana and Adam,

I'm Mike, an electrical engineer in the US (Texas), obsessed with time tracking and productivity. Some of my other interests include nutrition, and carving out gym time.

I had been looking for an app similar to this for a long time (and almost taught myself app development just to make one), specifically to use for my morning routine; am very glad to see like minded thinkers create one. Calendars are great for meetings, but this approach has significant advantages to be able to use every minute of the day.

Very impressed with the app implementation, and your approach on capturing feedback (and recognizing the importance of fresh eyes) as well as the modules idea and your personal interaction in the forum. Looking forward to seeing what you two will turn the app into!

Glad to have found Goalist,


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Re: Read about us! Meet Goalist users and tell us about yourself

Post by Pascal »

Hello there,
I am Pascal from Belgium. I was on the previous forum long time ago, and now I'm back on the new forum :-)
Having used Goalist for over 5 years now, I cannot emphasize enough how important the app is for me! I'm using it every single day, all day. I use the day schedule, logs, goal monitoring,...

I also use it for monitoring and reporting my life over time. For example, each week, I write down the health scores of my values in an excel file, and I make graphs to compare them to previous weeks. I calculate the sum of all value scores and each week I try to have a high total value score.

I also use the Goalist statistics to do monthly and yearly monitoring of how much time I sleep per night on average, how much time I spend on goals per day...

Some other things about me:
I'm nearly 49 year old, I used to travel a lot (Australia, Brazil, ...) but after I had kids, I mostly stay in Europe.
I am founding member, composer and guitar player in a 3-piece instrumental band called Atomic Vulture. We love to make new records and to tour :-)
Other interests of me are self growth, awareness, meditation, nature, ...
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Re: Read about us! Meet Goalist users and tell us about yourself

Post by AnaBi »

Hi Pascal!

Welcome back again! :cheerleader

We are really happy that you still using Goalist :bdf

We will do our best to recreate the forum and hopefully, more people will join us!

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Re: Read about us! Meet Goalist users and tell us about yourself

Post by Pascal »

Thanks Anna and Adam,
I am happy the forum is back :clappingorange
I also hope more people will join.
Keep up the great work!
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Re: Read about us! Meet Goalist users and tell us about yourself

Post by jodbot »

I'm so glad the forum is back. I was worried its absence was a bad sign.

I'm Jody. I live in the Finger Lakes in New York. I am currently working from home managing a college website and raising chickens on the side for eggs and no profit. :D

My Instagram:

I started using Goalist a few years ago. It taught me a lot of lessons about how I have some kind of time blindness and my expectations of myself do not fit into a 24 hour day. So it's a nice time budgeting tool for me.

I stopped for a bit because I found I was overscheduling myself and it was becoming something to feel bad about when I didn't have the energy to actually stick to my plans. I'm hoping that with some newfound perspective and some brand new big goals for myself, I can build some solid habits and streamline my days again.

Thanks for getting the forum back online. This really has been one of the most useful tools I've found for using my time intentionally.
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Re: Read about us! Meet Goalist users and tell us about yourself

Post by AnaBi »

Hi Jody :cheerleader

Thank you very much and Weclome back!

I think that overscheduling is a good sign :D
It means that you're full of life and there are just so many nice things to do in life that 24hours is not enough.

Once you give yourself time to step back, look at everything with new eyes - you will organize yourself with new energy.
Life is changing all the time, so should do our schedule :D

Thank you for sharing your Instagram - your chickens and cats are adorable :bdf
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