How is Goalist different from a traditional todo-list?

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How is Goalist different from a traditional todo-list?

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A traditional to-do list is a loose set of tasks to do. It allows creating unlimited tasks for a day, and they may all have the same start time.

Goalist is a sequential plan, which must be created manually every day. It takes real time usage into account. For a given day it allows adding only as many tasks as fit into 24 hours. No two tasks can have the same start time.

In a traditional to-do list you define a task, set its reminder time and possibly make it recurrent, so that it shows up automatically again and again. That's convenient but from our experience it works only for one-off tasks (and not always), it does not help to achieve goals in a long run.
Why? Because life is dynamic, everything changes all the time. And we have multiple goals. After some time of using a traditional to-do list, we accumulate a long list of tasks. They stubbornly pop-up their reminders. More and more often we have other things to do, we don't have time "right now", so we use "snooze", we postpone or reconfigure tasks' start time and frequency. Over time the process becomes annoying and we disable tasks, try another app, etc - just waste time and fail to achieve goals.

Goalist doesn't believe in automation and recurrence, it wants you to plan every day because life is different every day. Yes, many tasks are done multiple times or repeatedly, but in a long run - so rarely at the same time.

And as long as plans are often useless - planning is indispensable. It makes us think and prioritize. Time is a limited resource and it's wasted if not managed and measured. In the planning process we make effort to make the best use it. The more often we repeat this effort, the less time we waste. The less time we waste, the more goals we achieve.

Frequent planning is hard, that's why most people waste time and never achieve their goals.

Another huge difference is that in a traditional to-do list you just define tasks and that's it. Goalist encourages you to think WHY you do things. What do you value? How can you measure if you live up to your values? Which goals must you achieve?
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