Task alarm (notification sound) before the actual start time

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Task alarm (notification sound) before the actual start time

Post by Pascal »

Sometimes I would find it helpful if I received a notification sound for a task 5 or 10 minutes before the actual start time of that task, rather than on the start time. This would allow me to finish my current task, knowing that the next task is coming up soon.

For example, I have this schedule:
- 2 PM: Gardening
- 4 PM: Pick up my son at school

When I would get an alarm at 3:50PM saying that I have to pick up my son in 10 minutes, this allows me to finish the gardening job that I am doing at that moment.
Instead, when I get alarm only at 4PM, I have to drop whatever I am doing and rush to the car and go pickup my son without delay, even if I was on the top of a tree cutting the branches at that time.

Of course, I can also solve this by adding a task "Get ready for next activity" from 3:50PM till 4PM, and add an alarm for this task, but this means I would lose the last 10 minutes of my gardening task. I mean, these last 10 minutes I am actually still gardening.

There are many other use cases I can think of. For example, I'm having breakfast, and I get notified that in 5 minutes I should start my daily chores.. Which gives me 5 minutes to finish my coffee :-)

I can think of several ways to implement this feature: either more simple but rigid, or more complex but flexible...

The easiest but least flexible way would be to implement it as a global setting (checkbox): "Enable task alarms x minutes before task start"

A more flexible approach would be to allow to enable this per task, in the task edit interface.

And the most flexible implementation I imagine is
- Allow per task to have two different notifications: one one time and one x minutes before
- Allow to set / unset these alarms as the default for the task, and to set / unset them in the task instance in the day schedule
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Re: Task alarm (notification sound) before the actual start time

Post by Adam »

Yeah, I was thinking the same, have it on my list for a long time, maybe some day...
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