Task Sets Module

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Task Sets Module

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A Task Set is a collection of tasks that you may add to your day list (schedule) in one go, instead of adding separate tasks one by one. Eg:
  • often you add: work, dinner, gym to your plan. It requires you to click "search", type in the first letters of each task, tap the suggestion to have it added to the list. All that times 3.
  • you want to speed up the process
  • go to Categories -> Task Sets
  • click +
  • Type in the name of the set, eg: "Mon/Wed/Fri evenings"
  • Tap it to open it and see + for adding tasks, tap it
  • Add work, dinner, gym. Adjust their durations and sequence
  • From now on, instead of adding work, dinner, gym separately, you do it in one go: tap "search", start typing the set's name "Mon...", you'll see the task set in the suggestions, tap "Mon/Wed/Fri evenings" and all 3 tasks belonging to it are added to the schedule.
You may have entire days pre-scheduled like that. Example usage: a student has the same classes every work week, so she may create sets: "Monday", "Tuesday", etc.

Task Sets may be enabled or disabled in the Modules section.

If you have any suggestion for improvement to this module, please comment below.
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